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Foot Pegs

Firstly, the great thing about these additions to your dirt bike - you do not need to be a mechanic to replace your existing foot pegs. Simply remove the cotter pin, replace the pegs and the pin.... you are good to go!

Apart form looking great (available in a number of colours) these foot pegs will offer instant Racing Grip, making the peg easier to find when straightening out of a turn and makes for a more comfortable ride.

A far more positive interface with the bike in general, breeding confidence and maximum response from your dirt bike. That's why these are the foot peg of choice for many top Motocross and Endure Riders including David Knight, previous British Sprint Endure Champion

Production materials

There are number of ways a materials which can be used to produce Motocross Racing Footpegs from steel to aluminium and titanium. These can then be cast, machined, forged or stamped. Some are anodized or heat-treated. Some have been drilled, sawed, ground or polished, with the pieces welded or bolted together.

101 Racing Foot Pegs are anodised drop forged aluminium CNC Machined Alloy

Produced to the highest specification these racing footrests will easily fit where your existing pegs are and offer incredible grip and durability.


Wider is better. Most aftermarket foot pegs are 57mm wide, which is much wider than most OEM pegs. A wider platform for the feet spreads the load of impact over a larger part of the foot.

It makes the racing foot pegs easier to find when straightening out of a turn and makes for a more comfortable ride and more positive interface with the bike in general. Peg length is rarely discussed, but a longer peg can give a rider more leverage to control the bike.

Some riding coaches teach foot positioning on the outside of the peg for that reason.

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