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Looking to replace your four stroke cam shaft?  Here is all you need to know about Cam shafts for sale at Motocross Parts UK

The word cam refers to the circular disc. In a four-stroke engine, cams are used control how the intake and exhaust valves open and close. The cams are fixed on the camshaft, which is connected via a chain to the crank (crankshaft) > Find crankshafts here

The cam has 'lobes' which the valves ride against. As the cam spins, the lobes push the valves open, while valve springs will push them closed.

Modern motocross bikes have overhead cams. In the era of pushrod engines, the camshaft could be located below the cylinder head. All Japanese motocross bikes, except Hondas, use a dual-overhead-cam (DOHC) configuration that assigns a separate cam for the exhaust valves and intakes valves.

Cams are generally manufactured by two methods. OEM camshafts, which are produced in larger volumes, are cast iron and then nitride-coated. Aftermarket and high-performance camshafts are made out of billet steel. First, they are CNC-machined and then rough ground to a slightly oversized specification. Finally, they are heat-treated and finish ground to the precise measurement.

Choosing the Right Cam

Hot Cams stage 1, 2, and 3 camshafts

Hot Cams stage 1, 2, and 3 camshafts are chosen as matched sets of intake and exhaust cams to maximize the efficiency of engines that are stock or mildly modified with external components such as exhaust system, air filter, etc. Most riders in the UK will find that these cams will satisfy their expectations and needs for performance improvements

Stage 1 cam sets are selected to provide increased torque output in the RPM range below the engine’s torque peak. These cams will generally produce more part-throttle torque, better low RPM throttle response, and increased peak torque. In some cases high RPM torque and peak horsepower may also be improved.

Stage 2 cam sets are selected to provide increased high RPM horsepower. These cams are best selected for riding situations with higher average speeds. In many instances, low RPM torque is as good as the stock cam(s) and peak torque is improved, but the goal is to improve power in the RPM range above the engine’s torque peak.

Stage 3 cam sets are chosen to provide the ultimate in high RPM torque and horsepower performance. These cams are only offered for a few models where it has been determined that a stock or mildly modified engine can safely produce power for a high speed usage situation.

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